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When I started off playing Fallout 76 in 2018 there had been no backpacks. So I never ever believed about it. But when I realized from a random remark that backpacks had been included following that issue and experienced been in the video game for many years, I felt stupid for under no circumstances crafting just one. And then I went to collect the recipe for a pack and felt even dumber. Permit me enable you prevent this scenario.

Indeed, like several gamers, I’ve returned to the irradiated on-line wasteland of Fallout 76. I experienced started off experience the itch for my on-all over again-off-yet again MMO months before the Fallout present. But I resisted. Even so, right after viewing the entirety of Amazon’s fantastic are living-action series based on the post-apocalyptic RPG franchise, it was much too tricky to quit myself from re-installing Bethesda’s online edition of Fallout. As is usually the case, I put in a chunk of my time in Fallout 76 striving to determine out more ways to have all the random junk required to construct buildings and craft items in the video game.

My troublesome quest to get a backpack

Through a random perusal of the Fallout 76 subreddit, I found out that backpacks had been extra to the recreation in a past update. And they enable you carry more stuff. I was intrigued! I also felt like a dummy. A instant later on, I did a rapid Google look for and discovered a Reddit publish and a couple of guides detailing how to get a backpack. Seemed simple adequate. So I booted up Fallout 76 and headed to the Morgantown Airport.

In accordance to Reddit, the blueprint for crafting the valuable pack was upstairs in the airport in an place you check out in the early hours of Fallout 76. I experienced been right here many years in the past, but under no circumstances arrived back again due to the fact producing my primary character. In the course of the 2019 Wild Appalachia update, Bethesda included the backpack blueprint in this early sport region. Will make feeling, as quite a few new players will stumble on it.

Even so, for gamers who have been journeying by way of the video game for decades already, you could easily pass up it as you’d have no need to return to the airport. So back again I went. I fought my way by the enemies inside and located the chest upstairs and discovered… no blueprint.

A screenshot of someone walking in Fallout 76 while wearing a backpack.

Screenshot: Bethesda

Why the backpack isn’t in the Morgantown Airport

At that instant I had a believed, the identical a single that I have lots of situations in Fallout 76: “Hmmm, did I do a thing incorrect or is the sport just damaged?”

So I booted up Fallout 76 yet again, joined a new world, quickly fought my way up by way of the airport and…no backpack in the chest. Once more. This time I checked the internet for anybody else enduring this bug and lots of other people had been complaining that, of course, the backpack was not in the airport. 

Turns out Bethesda truly moved where by the blueprint spawns to a unique spot a couple of months in the past, a place that new gamers will come upon even before in their opening hrs of Fallout 76.

I felt dumber than ever. But now, let me assistance you get a backpack—which is really useful—and support you keep away from this silly collection of occasions.

How to unlock and craft the backpack in Fallout 76

To get a backpack now (in April 2024) you want to head to the Overseer’s Camp located south of Fallout 76 near the Wayward bar. It’s close to a river just north of Environmentally friendly County Lodge and is found in a chest marked as the Overseer’s cache.

A screenshot of Fallout 76's map shows the location of the camp.

Screenshot: Bethesda / Fallout Wiki / Kotaku

Loot the ideas and then verify your inventory—you should really be able to activate or “learn” the recipe. At that position, assuming you have the materials, you can now craft a backpack at an armor bench. You’ll need 1 piece of fabric, one piece of leather and a piece of steel. As you amount up you can craft much better variations of the pack that keep even much more weight.

If you are a new participant who commenced playing in the very last several weeks, you very likely previously picked up the ideas for the backpack just after viewing the Overseer’s Camp.

If you can not craft a pack, look at the “Notes” segment of your inventory and make guaranteed you have activated the backpack system. Just maintain in thoughts you simply cannot use a backpack even though wearing electricity armor in Fallout 76.

Now, this is how you get a smaller backpack. If you want a larger backpack that can hold even additional, you’ll want to complete the Get of the Tadpole questline, which isn’t far too challenging but will get some time.


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